Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funjabi Politicians proved their love for Reservation

Kamaldeep Singh Brar

‘Cattle class’ needs no reservation to travel with railways but it is very important for a politician to get most of the passengers of cattle class reserved under the different categories mentioned in Indian constitution, so that he can travel in to an ambassador car. Often people, who treat themselves as intellectuals, try to prove that the politicians are not honest with the provision of reservation. Such people love to hate the love of politicians for the reservation.
However, after got humiliated for years, now Indian politicians have proved that to what extent they are honest towards concept of reservation. Now a CBI inquiry has established that Politicians are enough honest to fight for the implementation of reservation not only at political, social and constitutional level but also at individual level.
Recently CBI has found that a top politician of Punjab, heading state’s prominent rendezvous, had given the concession to the constitutionally reserved categories in the bribe amount demanded by him for the appointments on a lucrative post in Panchyat department. Being honest with his ideological support to reservation, minister had collected only between rupees 1.5 to 2.5 lakh from the candidates of constitutionally reserved classes as a bribe, where as candidates for the general category had to pay between rupees 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs for the same post.
As was expected, media, mostly in the control of upper class, is trying to dilute the true spirit behind the scandal. Scandal was to add new dimensions in the areas where reservation could be implemented. It was an experiment that how reservation could be extended to unofficial practice of bribe. In the absence of any norms for accepting bribe from reserved class citizens, minister did not compromise the standers to implement reservation. However, despite this, media is doing no more than to compare this politically correct scandal with other normal scandals on daily routine.
Politically Arjun singh failed to cash the Idea of reservation offered by him in higher study institutions but Funjabi minister is also going to gain politically from his experiment. Before the scandle, There were speculations that during next assembly elections, minister’s party could need to patch up with the party of elephant powered with the reserved votes. Now there will no need to compromise with a party only reliable on the politics of reservation because minister has established himself as a perfect leader who cares for the reserved vote bank.
Few weeks back, elephant party leader tried to woo the reserved by wearing the garland of 1000 rupees notes. But she never tried to implement the formula of reservation while collecting ‘FUNDS’ from the party workers mainly belong to reserved class. She is also surprised with recent move of Funjabi minister.
All the politicians and government machinery should immediately adopt minister’s formula. It is a known fact that bribe is the most common practice in our country. And to solve the real purpose of the reservation it is must to extend the Idea to all unofficial dealings. Otherwise, reserved categories will be forced to pay bribe equal to general class and reserve class would not find unequal ground to uplift themselves.
To make this new aspect of reservation more popular, government should amend the penalties concerning cases of corruption. Those ministers and officials, who follow the concept of reservation while unofficial financial dealings, should be given concession if ever they meet penalty. This step will also increase the respect for reservation in the mind of the officials of general categories as implementing reservation while practicing corruption would save them from the long term of jail sentence.
In last, once again I would like to appreciate the Indian ministers for their dedication towards the concept of reservation. Also In past, when a imported minister tried to sum up different reserved classes in to one by calling them ‘cattle class’, at that time also all the grass root level politicians opposed the imported minister by going beyond parties lines. Every one interpreted that politicians felt use of word ‘cattle class’ was insult of all the poor people. But in fact, politicians were angry because the imported politician intentionally or unintentionally addressed the real problem of the ‘cattle class.’ This word was able to unite all the poor people of India under one definition.
Every politician also knows that the concept of reservation is also must for the national integrity. Otherwise, if recognized itself, cattle class could demand their share in the GDP. Reservation is a good tool to apart all poor from each other. Naxalism erupted only in that part of India where politicians failed to divide the people on the name of reservation.

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