Thursday, June 24, 2010

ILLOGICAL Approach of Punjabi Communists

Kamaldeep Singh Brar
While roaming here and there, Nanak uttered some couplets about the structure of Universe and Mardana gave the background music. For the communists, it was all a very good musical show but Nanak could not be considered a scientist as never an apple came down to his head to force him conduct a research in scientific way. For the comrades Nanak was enough fanatic for his views about the GOD to neglect his other work. Nanak was unlucky as all the credit about our understanding of universe goes to Newton and his admirers.
Punjabi class of communists failed to produce any scientist but they should be given Nobel Prize for the logics (or could also be said illogics) they have discovered to prove their different point of views. Communists want to abolish class system but irony is they themselves are divided into different classes. I have good number of communist friends believe in the photographs of bhagat Singh with Turban but there is also an opposite class, which support the Hat. Well, One another class of communists is called Punjabi Nexlites (80's batch) and once I had misfortune to meet two veteran Nexlites of Nexlite movments in Punjab. Ignorant of my misfortune I was very excited to meet them. Both father and his unmarried daughter live in Nurmhal near Jalandhar in a well constructed home. With due respect, I went to them in hope of an interview in context of their point of views on the current situation of Nexlite movement in the different parts of India. However, the things altered when I reached there.
Lady, in her 60’s was very polite and still beautiful. It took me few minutes to get out of thinking how beautiful she would be in her 20’s. I had not started yet but the old man questioned me about myself and declared I am not enough capable to interview him. He gave me example of a journalist from West Bengal who came to them after a good research on their lives. I did not protest and accepted my ineligibility and request for some quotes so that I can make 150 rupees out of it. But the old man was enough reluctant to not help a poor, young, however, unqualified journalist.
As I said earlier woman was polite. After losing little money and lots of time I had, When I was ready to leave, she took me into another rom. She explained that my inexperience could create problems for them. I was surprised that at this age, being Nexlites, they are afraid of state. She refused my claim that Punjabies are born rebellion class because this fact somewhere does not match with atmosphere needed for the execution of core ideology of communism. Even then, she stressed that we should have power of logic. She advised me to read Darvin so that I can understand the existence of life on this planet.
While discussing we reached at Bhagat Singh and his photographs with and without turban. Referencing to so called book of Bhagat Singh, Why I am Atheist, I asked her that in the book it has been claimed bhagat singh was a very intellectual person and in the same book it has been written he was ignorant of the existence of long and hairs on his head. I further explained my point to her “is it logical for an enough intellectual man to not think about the long hairs on his head.” I insisted, “Turban is not associated only with Sikhs it is representation of Punjabies. Then why should Bhgat Singh not have a Turban. What is the problem with Turban?”
She replied with a blunder. She said, “His Turban have nothing to do with his achievements as when he exploded the bomb in assembly at that time he had no long hairs. His thinking changed with the shaving of his hairs. Bhagat singh who snag ‘Inklab Jindabad’ was different that one with turban. So we should use the photographs with hat not with turban.” I suspected if she deserved reading Darvin or Ramayana. I have not disclose their names because I have strong felling that both father and daughter have enough faith in justice system of capitalistic state of India and can sue me.
Point is communists have no power of logic. They are happy with coin have photograph of Bhagat Singh in Hat. So-called capitalistic Indian state has not only captured their self-styled hero but has also dismantled his imaginative struggle by minting his photographs on the currency of the economy dominated by the capitalistic approach of US. Communists want amendments in Guru granth Sahib but not ready to shift away from the bookish concept to bring revolution. Their believes about the formation of social, economic and political atmosphere is no more different from the concept of the Day of justice prevail in Christians and Muslims.  I have no felling for the photographs of Bhagat singh with Turban as I know if turban failed to survive the shocks of capitalism, there would be no need of any Bhagat Singh With or Without Turban.

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professionaljournalists June 24, 2010 at 10:12 AM  
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Geeta Kashyap June 24, 2010 at 10:28 AM  
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Geeta Kashyap June 24, 2010 at 10:31 AM  
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Geeta Kashyap June 24, 2010 at 11:02 AM  

Accord to me to tie turban is not as such important. may be it is because m not a Sikh or don't belong to Punjab. to be a good human being ia more important than to become a Punjabi, Bengali or any other, only thinking matters. Turban gives u a identity and this is the only identity of Sikhs or as u said for all Punjabi. but if anyone keeps a thinking as u keep but don't tie turban. would you don't like to denote him/her as Punjabi. Rather you have much talked abt communist....but I like to give comments on this only. this is my personal opinion. I am sorry if anybody gets hurt......

Kamaldeep Singh Brar,  June 24, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

No doubt thinking matters and it is also true that your thinking decide what symbols you represent and further, what these symbols convey. Turban is symboling of those people either they were Muslims, Hindu or Sikhs from the land known for its five rivers, who uplift themselves from the starvation and slavery with the help of tools and arms. Mentally, they never let others rule them. Their spirit always remains a threat for every kind of state. Even Maharaja Ranjit Singh had a taste of it. Killing a symbol is must to kill the spirit of a culture or thinking. Let government construct a football ground on the location of Jalleyan Vala Bag and after 5 years, no one will be talking about 1919. With the passage of time, turban has become strongest symbol of the spirit of Punjabi culture and thinking. In modern politic only two kinds of states exist and both want to untie the turban to rule the aboriginal. And to some extent they have got success. It is the first time that Punjabis are under psychological attack, more of because they have no possession of tools of mass media and globalization. Not provided by any state but It is right of my conscious to protect my symbol and thinking associated with it. So it is important to tie a turban, at least uphold its respect.

Anonymous,  June 28, 2010 at 7:41 AM  

I am very much impressed by the analysis. It is a fine essay indeed. Very sentimental sometimes. But let me ask a personal question - was that lady really beautiful? I think one needs a great sense of imagination to view a lady of 60's in her 20's. So far as Bhagat Singh goes, your point that how can he be ignorant of his long hair - suggests a thorough review of his intellectual contribution, sometimes exaggerated by Communists. Why should we have feelings with Bhagat Singh without turban? It does not make sense. His book(s) (so called)" why I m ...." and his dairy, which includes many atheist quotes, all are a part of Capitalist propaganda. What matters is Bhagat SINGH and with turban. And It is very stupid of communists not to consider Nanak a scientist. It is hard to understand why that old man refused to give interview to such a consistent intellectual. He will never realize perhaps what he has missed. BTW, did u managed to see his D.. ???;-)

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